Consciousness is shifting! The new Science meets Spirit

Overcoming the stress of modern life requires intention and attention.

Another decade has come to a close and a new one is beginning. The energies out in the world seem to be getting more chaotic. The daily news tends to bring us mostly issues of conflict, suffering and environmental problems. As a result for many of us, our own lives start to reflect what is going on globally. We get hardwired to look for problems, rather than solutions and we focus on our losses rather than our successes. And the truth of the matter is that what we focus on and give our energy to is what we create more of. This is true for structures at the broadest level of our society, such as government as well as for each of us, operating in the small microcosm of our own lives. Science has proven that our mindset is a powerful creative tool.  Our consciousness at both an individual and collective level is going through an upgrade, many of us are waking up to the chaos and unsustainability of the status quo world view and deciding that it isn’t working and that change is in order.

So while all this chaos is going on around us, through our own conscious intention and attention we can still make a difference in our lives and the world. And in many ways, there is lots of support and inspiration available for us to do just that! The answers to many of the questions we face both individually and collectively require a merging of science and spirit, or in other words – we need to understand the hidden energetic aspects of our material world and move away from the reductionist viewpoint. Most modern diseases and societal dysfunction stem from the widespread epidemic of spiritual impoverishment. While that is perhaps a bold statement, the statistics tend to agree. We have never had such high levels of depression, anxiety, pharmaceutical prescriptions and addictions – and this is occurring across all age groups, from the young to the elderly and most cultures and countries share similar sobering statistics. On the other hand, interest in spiritual pursuits such as mindfulness, yoga and personal growth is also exploding to verge on being mainstream.

Consciousness is the key to the new paradigm for change.

With these things in mind, it seems that what the world really needs is a revolution and a reclaiming of the importance of spirit and the spiritual. Which, in the context of this article, I will loosely define as the invisible glue that connects us and makes life meaningful! And science is in some respects and perhaps unwittingly leading the way…

Diverse branches of science keep researching and finding explanations and solutions to many of the problems we face – whether they be environmental, economic or public health crises.  We just have to take the time to educate ourselves and tune in to the alternative world view to be inspired that positive change is on the horizon. The mainstream is on the tip of going through a big change and the science that is still operating on the relative fringes is increasingly giving us insights about another whole way of seeing the world. We are invited to move away from the biochemical world view as the dominant paradigm to the energetic or quantum physics framework as the true basis for life. And when we follow this trajectory of understanding, we often end up in a place that has traditionally been relegated to the world of mystery and spirit. This Ted Talk gives a nice overview of the way quantum theories are increasingly being used to explain biological actions in cells.

The new understanding of water sheds light on how energy is generated in cells.

As technology advances we are developing tools that can measure more easily the previously invisible energies – such as electromagnetic frequencies, biophotons, light and sound vibrations. And these frequencies now appear to be the true way cells communicate and interact with each other and the environment. Water and light in many ways hold the keys to life itself, and new discoveries are demonstrating that indeed, these elements are behind many intricate aspects of cell energy production and function. See Gerard Pollack’s important work on this area.

Meanwhile the branch of science known as epigenetics suggests that our DNA is highly adaptable and responsive to our environment. The environment includes everything we are exposed to externally and internally, including the foods we eat, chemicals we breathe, the thoughts we think and emotions we feel. What happens in our bodies and what we pass on to our children is a direct result of our DNA and the dynamic way it can change in response to our experiences and the environment we inhabit. To make this work in our favour, we need to be aware and practice paying attention to our stress levels, habits and daily choices and make the effort to adopt healthier and more balanced ways of living.

While I have long explored, studied and practiced what I call ‘mind-body medicine’ I am excited about this next wave of new science that is taking our understanding of this phenomenon even further. Through the seminal works of individuals such as Bruce Lipton and Candice Pert, we were gifted the science demonstrating how thoughts, feelings and beliefs are capable of changing our physiology. But this whole new understanding of what we might call ‘quantum biology’ is taking these foundations in a whole new direction. Our cells are literally able to respond to our thoughts and feelings – which are directly related to the level of our consciousness. As such our bodies often carry the messages we need to be more aware of. The unexpressed or unresolved emotions and experiences we have become the symptoms and disorders of our body. Our body is trying to wake us up, to become more conscious and to remind us that we have fallen out of balance and need to make changes to live more in alignment with our true nature and what is most healthy for us. Our body reflects our consciousness and our consciousness in turn creates our body and physical experience of life.

We can make a difference, our DNA is hardwired for this new paradigm!

Moreover, new theories propose that the DNA molecule itself gives rise to human consciousness and that DNA possesses a degree of consciousness in its own right.  So in many ways the answer to our problems lies in our mysterious DNA as well as our consciousness. If our consciousness is something we essentially have control over, then it serves that we can control both our DNA expression and our cells, and in turn how our body functions.


So with all this new knowledge we have available to us comes a new form of power. Power to change our bodies, change our lives and change our world. Learning to overcome our limitations, harness our body’s innate intelligence for finding balance, health and harmony and strive towards our best self is what I feel is possible for everyone and what this next decade will gift us, if we are willing! The more science merges with spirit and the more we find spirit permeating everyday life, the more humanity will start to serve a greater purpose and we will wake up and collectively rise to the responsibility we have as caretakers of this planet. We all need first to connect to the magic and spirit of our own true nature, notice the beauty all around us and feel gratitude for the gift of our lives. The change we need in the world starts with each of us individually stepping up and being in a higher consciousness where love, kindness, freedom and truth are the codes we live by, rather than greed, hatred, fear and judgement.

If you would like help in overcoming old stuck patterns, health issues holding you back from your full potential or face any other limitations, I would love to help you. Or if you would just like to be more present, conscious and aware and learn techniques to live a more meaningful and centred life, through engaging with meditation, spiritual practice, or counselling – then please get in touch.