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Karen McElroy is a leading naturopath, holistic counsellor and mind-body medicine practitioner specialising in many aspects of health, including women’s and children’s health, digestive disorders, stress management, emotional and mental health.

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About Karen

For over 25 years Karen has helped many hundreds of women and their families transform their health through her personalised, practical and expert health care solutions that work for the whole family. By combining up-to-date professional knowledge with her passion for natural health, Karen has developed holistic wellness strategies that can transform your health on all levels and bring lasting results.

Karen is a sought after speaker for both public and professional audiences and she loves to share her knowledge through regular workshops and seminars on a range of holistic health and wellness topics. She also regularly contributes professional articles in both print and online media.

Karen enjoys working collaboratively with local doctors and specialists, including IVF clinics, to offer the best in primary health care for her clients.

Karen has brought her knowledge and expertise to many organisations over the course of her career – including lecturing in clinical nutrition at RMIT, running menopause workshops at the Royal Women’s Hospital and natural fertility workshops for Family Planning groups as well as writing university curriculum on reproductive health for Southern Cross University. She has been a guest lecturer in nutrition and complementary medicine at USC in the Masters of Midwifery program and supervised student clinic at Endeavour College in Brisbane for many years. Karen has also spoken at many International Congresses of Natural Medicine in London and Europe.

Karen has studied at postgraduate level in Women’s Health and Public Health and has trained in Anthroposophic Medicine through the IPMT training and incorporates this dynamic model into her healing practice. In recent years Karen has pursued her passion in the cutting edge arena of mind-body medicine, and has qualifications in a range of holistic healing techniques including Psych-K and Quantum Emotional Healing and has completed trainings with experts including Dr Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and Dr Joe Dispenza. Her latest passion is Biofield Tuning (sound healing) and she uses this along with other energy medicine modalities to help unlock the root cause of disease and promote true healing in her patients.

Karen is a full member of the Complementary Medicine Association, the Australian Anthroposophic Medicine Association, the Anthroposophic Naturopath’s Guild and the Weston A Price foundation.

Happy clients share


Our whole family has been helped by Karen and I find it hard to put into words all the help she has provided us. Her knowledge is phenomenal, as is her ability to piece all the complex bits of the puzzle together.

Brooke Copland, Sydney

Karen helped me turn my health around. I’m now aged 50 & enjoying my best health ever.

Anita Hyslop, Coolum Beach

Having Karen as my Naturopath through my IVF journey has been wonderful. Her knowledge, genuine interest and caring nature have made an otherwise stressful time, less so.

Kate, Noosa Heads

What a relief! Karen was the first person who listened to my whole history. Her knowledge blew me away. She gave me a plan to follow, as well as a herbal tonic. A month later I was feeling on top of the world! My symptoms had gone!

Jo Smith, Longford, Victoria

Karen is a wonderful naturopath – she is caring, empathetic, knowledgeable and thorough. Karen’s approach is holistic – she addresses both emotional and physical issues and how they impact on one another.

Fiona Miles, Richmond, Victoria
Let’s Get A Bit Personal

My journey

I was born in Sydney and spent most of my childhood in rural settings – initially on small acreages on the outskirts of Sydney and then on a larger farm in central NSW. Living away from the city and close to the land instilled in me a love of the earth and the natural world. It was on the farm that I first discovered the world of plants and herbs and as a child, with the help of one of my mother’s herb books, I made lotions and potions from herbs for all sorts of complaints – both real and imaginary! 

We moved to Noosa when I was a teenager and when I finished school I completed a degree in journalism at the University of Queensland.  Around the same time, my interest in natural health returned and I moved to Melbourne and decided to study naturopathy. I completed my four year Bachelor of Health Science degree and then commenced private practice at one of Melbourne’s busiest women’s health clinics – where I quickly developed experience in treating a range of women’s health issues.  It was over these years that I found  my passion for supporting women throughout their life cycle and I developed my natural solutions for optimal hormonal health.  I also completed further training and ongoing professional development in a range of fields – including a certificate of yoga teaching and meditation – which facilitated the wonderful mind-body dimension I bring to my healing work.

The pregnancy and birth of my children increased my knowledge, insight and love for women’s health and the amazing capacity of the human body. Having my own children has been a wonderful journey of growth and learning that has both ignited my passion for child development and deepened and extended my experience in treating children’s health issues. As a mother myself, I love to inspire and give other mothers the tools they need to nurture and nourish their children on all levels.

We left Melbourne when the children were still very young to give them the gift of growing up close to nature.  I have now been living and working in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland for many years and I feel truly blessed.  I have continued to explore my healing journey and offerings to my clients over the years, having trained in many different modalities , especially being drawn to ones where science meets spirit. I love awakening my clients to their health potential by drawing on these many diverse holistic tools I have gathered along the way since my childhood playing in the herb garden!

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to wellness, vitality and happiness in all spheres of your life.


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