Go Barefoot for Health with Earthing

Part of my strategy for healing my recent back injury and reducing inflammation has been to do earthing. I have been onto this wonderful ‘free’ health tool for a long time and was even instinctively doing it well before I knew the scientific benefits of earthing.

This technique, also called grounding, has become a popular way of improving health after researchers have discovered that contact with the earth through the feet brings many healing benefits. While this understanding may be new, there is nothing new in the earthing technique as we humans have lived close to the earth for aeons.

The difference is that today our modern life often put barriers between us and the earth, whether it be houses, offices, cars or shoes!  Natural surfaces such as timber floors and some tiles still have the ability to ground us, but many modern surfaces and the vast majority of shoes do not conduct the earth’s energy and leave us cut off from this free and abundant energy supply.


So how does earthing work?

The earth has an enormous and powerful magnetic energy field and humans and other living things also have their own mini energy field. These are comprised of a mixture of either positive or negative electrons.  So similar to a battery recharging, our body can get recharged or grounded from the bigger energy field of the earth.

Grounding is the process of removing the excess charge on any object by means of the transfer of electrons between it and another object of substantial size. When a charged object is grounded, the excess charge is balanced by the transfer of electrons between the charged object and the ground. Humans tend to accumulate a lot of positive electrons (which are akin to free radicals) from electricity and electromagnetic radiation that can damage our health unless they are regularly released.  The earth is our natural partner in this, offering the opposite polarity of a big negative field that can discharge the excess positive electrons.

Standing on grass barefoot or on dirt, stones, or sand or even hugging a tree can all conduct the earth’s electromagnetic energy field into our body and can help to discharge accumulated electrons and rebalance our energy. The beach is particularly good as it offers the combination of water and earth (via wet sand) for enhanced conductivity.  Spending at least 30-60 minutes everyday earthing will definitely improve your health. Aside from the known physiological benefits, most people (and all children!) recognise that it simply feels good to have their bare feet on the earth!

What if I live in the city?

There have been many new devices created to help us ground when we can’t be close to the earth.  This is especially good for city dwellers or those who live in apartments. These often utilise and hook up to the earth wiring in our homes. By plugging devices into the earth point in a power point we can conduct the energy of the earth into the device and transfer it to us. I use these when I am working on my computer to lower the electromagnetic toll on the body and I have also used a earthing blanket to improve sleeping – especially while my back has been sore!

While the devices are useful, remember that the best way to earth is the old fashioned way – standing on the ground barefoot. Being in nature and in green environments has also been shown to offer many other benefits on our emotions, moods and energy.  So there is no excuse not to get your feet just a little bit dirty!


Earthing devices can be purchased at Earthing Australia’s site Barefoot Healing.


Check out this video if you would like to learn more from the founder of Earthing…