No Fuss Cooking at Home

As the COVID-19 pandemic takes a toll on our psyche, we need to keep a watchful eye on our health more than ever, especially since elevated stress levels have been linked to weight problems and compromised immune function. But stress alone isn’t the only thing to blame for Australia’s declining health. Poor diet choices also play a major factor.

Unfortunately, according to data published on, most Australians across all age groups have generally failed to meet the daily recommendation for fruit and vegetable servings, opting instead to eat foods rich in sugar, sodium, and fat.

Perhaps a major contributor to this problem is the stigma that preparing a healthy, quality meal is stressful. Canned goods and fast-food meals are simply more convenient options for the average worker. To help shoppers out, the Australian government even introduced Health Star Ratings which assign scores to packaged food items based on their nutritional profile. But as a post on points out, this system is imperfect, and doesn’t provide accurate comparisons across different food groups.

One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the right amount of nutrition is to cook your meals yourself. It’s easier on the wallet, and can help you reach the fitness goals you long to achieve. What’s more, exploring cuisine from other countries can help you veer away from your usual diet and introduce your body to new kinds of vegetables, spices, and nutrients you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Variety, as we’ve pointed out here on, is an incredibly important but often overlooked aspect of healthful eating. For instance, there’s no point in meeting the recommended number of vegetable serves a day if all you’ve been eating is just spinach. You need to eat an assortment of real food for it to truly count.

With that said, here’s a healthy and flavourful recipe packed with an array of vegetables that you may want to try at home to get started with simple home cooked food: Korean Bibimbap

Great things take time, so the saying goes. But that doesn’t always have to be the case, especially if you have the right tools and recipes on hand. All it takes is a little time out of your week to make healthier lifestyle choices. Your future self will thank you for it!


Article specially written for By Jennifer Birch