For many years Karen has been sharing her passion and inspiring women on all aspects of health and wellness through her popular workshops and courses on family and women’s health.

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Natural Medicine for Babies & Toddlers

This workshop covers specific principles of holistic health care in children from birth to 3 years. Parents will learn how to keep their babies and toddlers healthy through diet & lifestyle and how to manage common childhood issues & ailments at home with confidence using natural methods, such as herbs & homoeopathics. This is a great workshop for pregnant couples who wish to be prepared when their baby arrives, as well as for parents with little ones already in tow!

Natural Health for Young Children

This workshop will cover specific principles of holistic health care in children from 4 years to 12 years. Parents will learn how to keep their children healthy throughout the school age years by understanding their nutritional and lifestyle needs. Karen will teach you how to manage common childhood issues & ailments at home with confidence using natural methods such as herbs & homoeopathics. Understanding child development phases and gentle discipline approaches are also a key feature of this brand new course.

Child Development – Birth to 21 years

Understanding child development brings a depth of understanding to enrich your parenting know-how. This course will cover the developmental cycles of childhood from birth to 21 years. Drawing on a range of developmental theories including cognitive (Piaget), social (Erikson) and whole child approaches (such as Steiner and Luvmour), this course will allow you to understand and meet your children where they are at on their unique journey through life.

Women’s Health

Would you like to have healthy hormones and a happy life? This course is for you! Covering natural health approaches to female reproductive health – such as nutrition, lifestyle and natural remedies as well as exploring the life cycles of womanhood. Learn about your body and how you can manage your hormones and health with simple and practical strategies to suit whatever stage of life you are at.

Stress Management for a Busy Life

Do you want to feel inner peace and happiness?

Do you want to achieve more balance in your life?

Do you want to stay centred and calm despite what life brings you?

If you sometimes feel overwhelmed, tired, burnt out or stressed out then this workshop is for you!

If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, immune dysfunction, weight gain, hormonal imbalance or digestive problems – then this workshop is also for you!

In this half day workshop Karen will bring together practical tips, advice and proven techniques to create more peace and balance in your life.

In this comprehensive 5 hour workshop you will learn

  • The many and surprising ways stress effects your body
  • Understanding the way the mind, our beliefs and behaviours impact on stress and happiness
  • Unlocking the mind-body connection and how to make new habits that stick
  • Simple but effective mindfulness, breathing & meditation techniques
  • Nutrition and stress busting super foods and recipes
  • How to nourish your adrenals and nervous system naturally
  • Create your own personalised stress management blueprint

The workshop includes

  • Bonus guided meditation/relaxation audio downloads
  • Comprehensive 40 page workbook of notes and exercises
  • Healthy & delicious organic afternoon tea

Next Date:  To Be Advised  – please email and register your interest. 12.30pm-5.30pm.
Venue: Cooroy Mountain
Investment: $165  (includes bonus meditation audios, full 40 page workbook, delicious organic afternoon tea)

Some courses are offered live at her studio space in Cooroy and some are in an online format to support your health education and learning.

Participating in an online course or downloadable webinars gives you maximum flexibility and ease of learning.

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