The miracles and fragilities of life…

I have had one of those weeks when I have shared in and witnessed a few of my patient’s immense joys and awful, desperate lows. 

It is all about the awesome miracle of life and new beginnings….and the converse reverence and pain of endings and death.


It is the story of three women…

Beautiful women who have been dreaming of being a mother for a very long time. Actually it is the story of four women.  The fourth woman is already a mother to three children. But she offered, with what must be enormous love, courage and integrity, to carry a child for a woman who could not conceive.  The ultimate sacrifice of surrogacy.


It is also the story of three little souls…

One who has just arrived here on earth, one who has just started the long 9 month journey to birth and one who came very briefly and for reasons unknown, has left again.


So in one short week, I have witnessed the following…

  • A woman with infertility conceiving with a donor embryo. The elation, the joy, the wonder….was closely followed by the untold grief, the heartache and the loss when she miscarried at 9 weeks pregnant.


  • A surrogate baby being born and then freely gifted to a beautiful infertile couple.  The miracle of a new life and all the infinite possibilities that it entails.


  • And a woman who has just conceived after tackling massive inner hurdles from every direction – her relationship, her reproductive issues and her own inner critic. So once again the joy and the wonder washes over her…and me.



It is one of those things, working with women who are wanting to conceive – you really go on their journey with them.

Faced with the heartache of another cycle that didn’t ‘work’ or the disbelief and elation of a positive pregnancy test.  And the anxiety and fear of miscarriage that may or may not happen.

Such a beautiful thing to watch and support these fragile cycles of life.