The Queensland government has recently made a CHO direction for ALL health workers across Queensland, to be double jabbed by 15th December 2021. This mandate has caused me considerable challenges and has forced me to make difficult decisions as a healthcare provider. In this blog post I share my perspectives on my decision.

While my decision to receive the jab or not, is my personal choice and I would prefer it to be private and confidential, I have been forced to let everyone know as when I can no longer see patients face to face, it is pretty clear what my choice has been. As you can imagine this is an untenable position to be put in, to have to choose between my livelihood and career of 23 years and my health choices and bodily autonomy. This is no small decision and I have had to seriously consider all my options moving forward and how I can continue to do the job that I love and  continue to support all of you wonderful people in my care. It has been both distressing and challenging in so many ways – but I have also had many of you reach out to me at this time, with lovely messages of support and gratitude for what I do, some of which have bought me to tears.  I have been, in turn, eternally grateful to be reminded of why I do this work, and how important it is to support, guide and facilitate you all in the individual ways you need. So thank you!

I Do Not Discriminate

First and foremost, I want to state that I do not and will never discriminate in the delivery of my services to any patient or client for any reason. I am here to support my patients in every way possible to achieve the very best in health outcomes. My focus is always on prevention, treatment, and optimisation of health on all levels – body, mind and spirit. Your decision to take the covid injection is yours to make and many of you have sought professional and medical advice and information from me in making that choice over the past 9 months. I provided a free webinar several months ago to also provide facts and a synthesis of information from the hundreds of hours of research that I have been doing over the past 20 months.

Informed Consent & Our Fundamental Freedom of Choice

Informed consent is required for all vaccines and medical treatments. The Australian Immunisation Handbook states clearly for consent to be legally valid, four key elements must be present:

  • “It must be given by a person with legal capacity, and of sufficient intellectual capacity to understand the implications of receiving a vaccine”
  • “It must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.
  • “It must cover the specific procedure that is to be performed.
  • “It can only be given after the potential risks and benefits of the relevant vaccine, the risks of not having it, and any alternative options have been explained to the person.”

I do not believe that most people are making a decision that is voluntary, with many feeling compelled to take the jab in order to travel, see family, or keep their job. In this light, they cannot provide proper informed consent. My own personal decision has been that I cannot give informed consent after doing my own due diligence of weighing up the risks versus benefits for my personal case.

I have concerns about the lack of long term safety data on both the mRNA (Pfizer & Moderna) and adenoviral vector (Astra Zeneca) injections for treating covid. These are still in clinical trial stage (until 2023) and given my background health and age,  I do not feel it is necessary nor wise to participate in this clinical trial as my risk of serious harm, hospitalisation or death from contracting SarsCOV-2 is very low. I must weigh up the risk of both possibilities (risk of contracting covid V vaccine risk)  to give proper informed consent and make my decision.

I am in very good health and indeed, I haven’t had a sick day in two years, since the pandemic began and as you might expect, my preference is to support my health and immunity naturally with diet, lifestyle and evidence based supplements. Early treatment options are, in my opinion, an excellent way of managing covid and I am confident would allow me to make a full recovery should I contract SarsCOV-2. Thus, I do not believe that these experimental “vaccine” treatments will offer me any real benefit and may indeed cause me harm. In addition to my own autonomy, as a mother of two teenage children, my decision must include my responsibility to them to continue to be healthy and support them in all ways in the medium and long term.

Potential Side Effects – Short Term and Long Term Unknown

The increased risk of major health issues such as systemic inflammation, bleeding disorders, blood clots, stroke, heart attack, myocarditis and pericarditis, neurological disorders and immune dysregulation while small overall, is still very real and being reported in the TGA and every government health agency globally, including VAERS in the USA and Eudravigilance in EU .  I have seen first hand accounts of this amongst some of my patients and my concerns are that these are universally not being acknowledged or reported properly and that there is a reluctance to even speak about this. The censorship (and sometimes ridicule) of both doctors and nurses (some of whom I have had first hand discussions with) who are witnessing side effects and serious issues – such as the heart inflammation which is increasingly common amongst young adults and teenagers, is concerning. Indeed many patients trying to raise awareness after they have experienced harm are being dismissed, suppressed or gagged – this is deeply troubling to me. There is starting to be more widespread awareness of the potential for side effects and questions are now being asked in the media and political circles about the validity of mandating treatments in healthy people that do not have proven long term safety, which is good to see.

Lack of Debate and the Need to ‘First Do No Harm’

I do not know why there is such a suppression of transparent and open debate in this climate, and the parallel desire to protect the drug companies who have no liability makes no sense to me. The very nature of science is to debate, discuss and continue to ask questions – not suppress, deny and cover up. Surely health agencies and individual workers have a duty of care to “first do no harm.”  For the majority of people with low risk of harm from covid, I am not convinced that the risk of covid is worth the risk of potential harm from the vaccine in the short, medium and unknown long term.  Our health is such an important part of a meaningful life and bodily autonomy is a fundamental human right. We all should be free to make our own informed choice with any medical procedure or treatment that impacts our health and we should all have free and accurate access to the latest information – which can only happen in a scientific climate that is devoid of censorship.

As this is a clinical trial I would have expected that participants are followed up properly and we also have a control group ongoing over the next several years to compare and identify safety signals of concern.  Long term impacts on rates of cancer, autoimmunity, dementia and fertility for example, cannot be discovered in a 4 month trial and  unfortunately they are not being closely monitored in this phase of the rollout. To mandate and coerce a whole nation of people to agree to something of this nature, without adequate long term safety data is ethically wrong and may lead to grave outcomes.

Unvaccinated Healthy People are Not Diseased

Lastly, I do not feel I pose any risk to other individuals in the community if I am unvaccinated. I cannot accept this new idea that healthy people are somehow harbouring disease and need to be avoided, discriminated against or marginalised. “Asymptomatic spread” is thought to account for only a tiny amount of cases and certainly does not drive the pandemic.  Moreover, the data shows that the vaccine does not fully protect an individual from contracting nor spreading the virus, particularly as the delta strain appears to be evading the vaccine. Some data even suggests that vaccinated individuals can carry a high viral load with less symptoms, and as they think they are immune can actually be responsible for viral spread in the community. I will continue to do what I have always done when I am sick – which is the sensible and longstanding approach of staying home if symptomatic – to both rest, recover and avoid spread to others.  This is no different to how we have always managed any other virus.

So it is my hope and wish that we all move beyond this current discriminatory situation and we can return to a healthier way of life that reflects a free, caring and democratic society.

If you would like more information about the Queensland Health Practitioners Alliance, a new and rapidly growing body of complementary medicine practitioners, doctors, allied health workers who are united in the current climate of government mandates, coercion and the need to defend their right to practice, then please visit our website and donate to our legal fund or get involved in community action. Thank You!