It’s all in the Gut!

The health of our digestive system is fundamental to our overall health. Signs of digestive disturbance can give rise to symptoms such as constipation, diarrhoea, cramping, bloating and nausea. Other more serious conditions inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative colitis also involve the immune system.

Packed with immune and nerve cells, the digestive system plays a delicate role in ensuring we have robust immunity and healthy moods and energy.  Allergies, behavioural problems, chronic immune weakness and stress have all been linked to digestive dysfunction.  Other things that can have a detrimental impact on digestion include pharmaceutical drugs such as antibiotics, oral contraceptives and steroid drugs.

Good digestion is the cornerstone of good health.  Without a healthy gut function, our capacity to be optimally nourished is compromised. Our digestive system is the primary tool for processing our food and absorbing nutrients.  Eating the healthiest diet in the world will be useless unless our digestive system is operating well.

The key to good digestion starts with, of all things – bacteria. Our digestive tract contains hundreds of different species of bacteria that may be either beneficial to our health or harmful.  The good bacteria are involved in many functions including the production of vitamins, maintaining the growth and health of gut cells and boosting immunity. While the presence of harmful bacteria can contribute to candida (thrush), weight gain, immune deficiency and behavioural disorders. Many unhealthy strains of bacteria produce toxins which can circulate and cause health complaints far away from the gut.

Making healthy dietary changes, identifying allergies and intolerances and restoring normal gut flora are essential ingredients in creating a healthy gut function.  I have helped many clients overcome digestive problems and restore their energy and vitality through a combination of dietary change and lifestyle advice.  I also have great success with herbs and nutritional supplements that can help treat bloating, wind, pain and irregular bowel function.  Well known herbs such as Chamomile and Fennel can help with many digestive disturbances.

Digestive issues can really impact on quality of life – so it is great to be able to support a return to good gut health!