The Healthy Lunchbox
Pregnancy Nutrition

The Healthy Lunchbox

This program is the answer for your everyday problem of what to make for your family’s lunch. As a busy working Mum who is passionate about kid’s health and nutrition, I have had to come up with a variety of ideas, suggestions and simple recipes to make nutritious lunches for my kids every day. Now I am pleased to be able to share them with you in my ebook and webinar!

With over 60 pages, this ebook is jam packed with nutrition information, menu plans, tips, advice and more than 30 healthy and tasty recipes.

Contents include:

  • Nutrition Facts – vitamins & minerals for child health
  • The Importance of Protein, including good sources
  • The Scoop on Natural Sugar Alternatives
  • Preparing Grains, Legumes and Nuts
  • Kids in the Kitchen
  • Buying and Cooking Tips
  • What to Put in the Lunchbox
  • The Many Problems with Processed Foods
  • Lunchboxes and Eco Awareness
  • Savoury Menus for Nutritious Lunches, including 20+  Recipes
  • Baked and Healthy Sweet Options for Morning Tea, including 10 Recipes

** Recipes are Gluten Free with some Dairy Free and Vegetarian options **

Bonus: Free Webinar!

This educational video features facts and information on the topic of children’s health and the importance of a healthy lunchbox.

Karen will cover a range of important topics:

  • What Aussie Kids Bring For Lunch
  • Packed Lunches – Real Examples Revealed
  • Canteens pros and cons
  • The Scoop on Processed Foods
  • Myth Busting on Sneaky ‘healthy’ Additives
  • Loads of inspiration to make healthy change

Download the e-book and webinar now for just $15

The Healthy Lunchbox by Karen McElroy

Pregnancy Nutrition

This book will give you everything you need to know regarding nutrition in pregnancy.

The latest information and expert advice is included along with traditional natural whole food approaches. While everything you do in your pregnancy will have a potential impact on your developing baby, what you eat makes the biggest contribution to the health of you and your baby.

This detailed and comprehensive book covers nutritional requirements for each trimester, key nutrients, common complaints, lifestyle & environmental factors, nutrition for birth and breastfeeding and much more!

Download e-book now for just $15.97

Pregnancy Nutrition by Karen McElroy
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