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I have long been following the science and health concerns around mobile phones, WiFi and 5G – see my previous blog post on this. This is the time we all need to take a stand and demand more studies and safety assurances before submitting to the rollout of 5G which is happening right now in 2020. I am excited to share with you an upcoming online free summit where you can learn more about this hugely important topic.

Hundreds of scientists from 40 different countries have reached out to the United Nations and the FCC, asking them to consider health risks and environmental issues before rapidly deploying 5G – because these researchers have studies that show adverse biological and health effects from EMF sources. ​​ It’s time to better understand the dangers of 5G and learn how to implement better solutions in our community!

Join me at the 5G Crisis summit to discover:

  • 5G defined: research, facts and awareness
  • Science about the dangers of 5G and EMF radiation
  • Sources of wireless radiation and “dirty electricity” in your home
  • Link between 5G, Al and global surveillance
  • How groups and individuals are successfully opposing 5G
  • Simple, empowering actions you can take
  • Individual solutions and safer, revolutionary technologies
  • And much more!

Register early and get access to some great free resources!