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Join Karen in her backyard for a hands on look at the freely available medicines right at your backdoor!

Let nature be your teacher and your medicine!

So many aspects of nature are taken for granted by us and we often forget how much healing, health benefits and inspiration we receive from the elements of nature. Forget about expensive supplements, learn about how to use what is freely available to you wrapped up in the elements of nature found right outside your backdoor.

In this workshop Karen will share some fundamentals about health topics including:

  • growing and using herbs & weeds for food and medicine, including ideas for a simple medicinal herb backyard “first aid kit”
  • the power of the sun and light in health – well beyond simple vitamin D synthesis
  • harnessing the energies of the earth, nature and the benefits of grounding
  • the healing nature of structured water 
  • nature awareness, mindfulness and fostering intuition

Investment: $65 per person

Cost includes: workshop notes, herb samples and tastings and delicious morning tea

Book here:  https://backyardmedicine.eventbrite.com.au

Limited Numbers – book early