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Covid-19 – Free Webinar

A Common Sense and Positive Approach to Prevention and Management

There are many facts and myths circulating about Covid-19, coronavirus and much fear in the community. But it is important to remain calm and positive as this health crisis impacts on our daily lives.

Join Naturopath Karen McElroy to learn all about the facts and what you need to know to  decrease risk of transmission as well as stay super healthy throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. There are many wonderful natural ways of supporting our immune system with dietary, lifestyle and natural medicine approaches. Most people who contract the Covid-19 virus will have very few symptoms or only mild-moderate cold like symptoms and they will make a full recovery. Your background health, daily lifestyle choices as well as your mindset and attitude are all influential on your personal susceptibility to any immune challenge.

If you are in a higher risk category, Karen will also cover specific things you can do.

Get the best in natural health advice and some simple home remedies and tips to stay well.

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