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You are what you eat….right? Well, yes and no.

You could more accurately say you are what you digest!

The health of your digestive system is the key to so much of our body’s overall function and is foundational in maintaining our health and wellbeing. While most people are aware to some extent of the importance of digestion, many have no idea just how amazing and complex the digestive tract is in our body!

There is SO much to know and share about the health of the gut and the importance of digestion, that I have finally put together a comprehensive masterclass workshop to give you all the extra info that is hard to cover in my clinical consultations.  Gut health is one of the most inspiring and interesting topics, that many of you know I am super passionate about!

In this upcoming workshop, I will explore everything you need to know about digestion, the gut and the microbiome, including:

  • The Fascinating Mechanics of Digestion 
  • Food Cravings – the wisdom of your body revealed
  • The Role and Importance of Enzymes
  • Stress and the Gut
  • The Microbiome – gut bacteria in health and disease
  • The Complexity of Weight Issues: fats v carbs
  • Common Pitfalls in Gut Health
  • Home remedies & recipes for optimising digestive health

Karen offers an inspiring and easy to understand teaching style, gleaned from her 20+ years in clinical practice and lecturing at universities and conferences in Australia and overseas. You will never think of your digestion, food choices and their importance in quite the same way!

Wed 25th August 7.00pm – online via Zoom

Registration: $25.00 –  includes notes, tips and recipes 

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