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“We are what we eat” is a popular saying, but perhaps it should more accurately be “We are what we digest”!

We can eat the best organic food in the world but if we do not absorb or metabolise it properly, we do not receive all the benefits…

Join Karen, learn about the many, often forgotten, facets of optimal digestion and how truly good digestion strengthens our overall health. Karen will also look at the root cause of issues such as food intolerance, reflux and leaky gut, as well as what herbs and nutrients can be used for supporting digestive function.

These days many people are aware of probiotics and the microbiome perspective of the digestive process, but there are many more important aspects of digestion that are often forgotten!  This webinar will uncover the many processes and facets of digestion and what is needed for truly optimal digestion, absorption and elimination.

You will learn all about how to enhance absorption, the role of enzymes, super foods and nutrients for good gut health.  Karen will also highlight common digestive issues and problems, functional testing and natural treatment solutions.


Topics include:

  • Digestion process – from beginning to end!
  • Leaky gut and allergies and there role in all aspects of health
  • The role of stress and the gut-brain connection
  • SIBO and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Reflux and ulcers
  • Constipation & fibre
  • Natural solutions – including herbal home remedies and recipes.