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Did you know, the average woman puts over 515 synthetic chemicals on her skin every day, and of that, 60% of it is absorbed into her body. Babies are born with over 250 chemicals in them before they have even taken their first breath.

Everything we eat, apply and inject into our bodies could set off illness at any given moment (and can age us more quickly!)  Women are literally “Dying to be Beautiful!”  This is such an important area of health that is often missed and one that I am super passionate about edi

The Non-Toxic Beauty Revolution is a free online summit that will help you to:

● Identifying toxins in beauty products and procedures

● Transitioning to self-love and body acceptance

● Using diet and detox to build your beauty

● Understanding how implants impact your health

● Recovering from implant illness

● Aging gracefully — inside and out

● And so much more!

Learn how to transition to self-love and body acceptance and what you can do RIGHT NOW to build your beauty!

Learn to build YOUR beauty when you attend this free, online health event!