I am pleased to host the lovely Mel Midegs in this blog post.

Mel is sharing all about the fascinating world of face reading and psychosomatic therapy.


Face Reading and Psychosomatic Therapy

There is much more to your face than meets the eye. Your bone structure, tissue distribution and features all represent your personality, emotional wellbeing and provide great insight to the belief patterns you are holding onto. Your face is telling the story of who you are to the world. Every feature, every line, the shape… it’s a canvas of where you have been, what you have endured, and more importantly it shows the true essence of who you are.

Psychosomatic Therapy is aimed at assisting you in understanding the body you are living in.  Aches, pains and excess or low bodyweight is more than just that. Your body talks, and when it’s feeling a certain way it’s bringing your attention to a specific part of your body that relates to a particular area in your life.  For example, a common complaint is a sore lower back. Broadly, this represents relationships with others, money, how you feel supported and are you having fun doing what you do?

Face Reading is an amazingly accurate diagnostic tool, as the whole body can be seen in the face. When looking closely and in tune with someone’s energy, it is easy to see that negative behaviour is a cover or a mask for the emotional unbalance that lies deep within. The eyes are related to the heart chakra, and as they say ‘the eyes are the window to the Soul’. Looking into someone’s eyes you can see if their light is shinning bright inside or if the light has been dimmed over time. Are you comfortable to shine your light and look into the eyes of another? Or do you look away protecting your heart? For those with blue eyes, you are sensitive Souls and those with green have the courage to make a difference. Brown eyed beauties have such a deep earthiness that keeps you grounded and have a fiery passion inside! Be sure to keep in alignment with your passions otherwise you’ll start perceiving the world as an uninspiring place.

To look at the nose, is to look at how you express your personal identity. Are you a leader and love responsibility? Or are you happy to live a happy go lucky life and lead the way for fun and enjoyment? The tip of the nose holds great insight. Touch the tip of your nose and wiggle it around. If it’s very flexible you will be flexible to the needs of others. It is good to have the quality of wanting to assist others – but don’t let this take you off track… it may be a sign of putting others before yourself.  If the tip is hard, you will tend to get straight to the point. You are a hard worker and your lesson will be to be kinder and nurture yourself. Soften the self-criticism… you are doing a great job! The harder you are on yourself, they harder you may be on others.

Psychosomatic Therapy is closely aligned to the chakras of the body:

Hairline Crown Chakra How you use your mind
Forehead Brow Chakra Your ability to see the bigger picture
Eyebrows Throat Chakra Your ability to communicate your Will
Eyes Heart Chakra The window to your Soul
Nose Solar Plexus Chakra Expression of your personal identity
Mouth Sacral Chakra The taste you have for life
Chin Base Chakra How you feel supported in life


A Face Reading will provide you with a clear understanding of what emotions and past experiences your body may be holding onto in its cellular memory. The body’s muscles and tissues remember past events and the emotions that are associated with that event. A shoulder twinge is not just a shoulder twinge, and excess weight is not just excess weight, these are bringing your attention to a part of your body and life that needs to be looked at more closely.

Psychosomatic Therapy offers a variety of strategies to assist with positive outcomes when it comes to understanding the truth of who you are and being comfortable with the skin you are in. A face reading can reveal great insight to your personal behaviour patterns and lift the veil on the essence of your true self.



Mel Midegs

Lifestyle Therapist

Seed To Soul