Flower Essences

Recently I went for trip to the Granite Belt in South West Queensland and did some amazing hikes in Girraween National Park.  I love going for bushwalks and spending time in nature and, as a herbalist, I am always on the look out for medicinal plants growing in the wild.

On this trip I came across a couple of herbs I use regularly in my clinic, one of my favourite being the lung herb, Mullein (pictured below) and Elecampane.














I was also most delighted to find a few Australian native flowers that are part of the Australian Bush Flower essences range. I always love to see plants growing wild in their natural habitat and I like to spend time noticing their growing preferences and habits and generally hanging out with them.

Fringed Violet

Flower essences are natural remedies made through simply infusing flowers in water in sunlight. It might seem strange to consider how a medicine could be made from such a simple process, but it is important to consider the incredible ability of  water to dissolve substance (the universal solvent) and also imprint memory. Recent scientific research from Germany has found that water contains memory and is structured according to the various things it has come into contact with. High magnification of water that was exposed flowers revealed incredible structured geometric patterns and each flower possessed a unique design. Much in the same way that snowflakes have a unique design, and not one is the same. It seems that wherever water has been, an imprint is left behind that can be captured. So in terms of flower essences, it makes sense that the water and sunlight can harness and gather something of the flower’s unique medicine and transport it through this watery medium to be used as medicine for us. To learn more about the importance and benefits of structured water on health, see my blog post here.

The process of making flower essences results in what we might call a subtle or vibrational medicine, which we find acts more on the emotional and energy body rather than merely the physical.  As any proponent of mind-body medicine understands, many physical illnesses start with imbalances in our emotions and nervous system – so flower essences can also allow for physical healing to occur by correcting the underlying emotional pattern contributing to the physical disorder.

Flower essences can be given alone or mixed together to make an individualized formula. These remedies work in subtle or profound ways to bring about changes in our emotional state which can subsequently influence our physical health.

Flannel Flower

Tea Tree


How To Make Your Own Flower Essence Remedy

Flower essences are one of the easiest home remedies to make. Why not experiment and discover the magical medicine in your own backyard!

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