Fulvic Acid Health Benefits

I have long been fond of interacting with our natural microbiome from wild fermentation in my kitchen through to hiking and ‘forest bathing’ in natural ecosystems.  This gorgeous picture on the left is from Lamington National Park, one of my favourite places to hike and camp. Getting into the forest is such a wonderful way to get exposed to natural ecosystems and receive the health benefits from the abundance of clean highly oxygenated air, fresh waterfalls and also a host of beneficial microbes.

My latest exploration in all things wild and natural, has had me consuming what could be defined as filtered dirt, a substance that offers a world of nutrition, phytochemistry and microorganisms.  This powerful supplement comes from the dirty little duo fulvic and humic acid, who in my opinion are largely unsung heroes.

So what the heck are they and what are the health benefits?  Below is a summary of my longer article over on Substack, so if you want to learn more and get hold of some fancy research, head over there.

Fulvic acid and humic acid are components of a larger group of humic substances, which are basically compounds found in soil, peat, coal, and bodies of water. The process of decomposition of ancient forests through processes of heat, pressure and microbial action over millions of years, also known as humification, leads to the formation of humic substances.

Humic substances have been studied for their various roles in soil fertility, plant growth, and environmental processes for decades but have gained attention in recent years for their wide-ranging potential benefits on human health. These compounds include a diverse array of highly beneficial and bioavailable nutrients that can foster healthy cell function – including vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, ketones, and flavonoids. New evidence from animal and laboratory studies and more recent human clinical trials, has found fulvic acid to have antioxidant, immune modulation and anti-inflammatory properties.

One of the things that is quite novel and that captured my attention on fulvic acid is that due to its small molecular size, the minerals in fulvic acid can quickly and easily enter into cells. Many of us are mineral deficient so having a supplement you can take that offers easily absorbed minerals that get to work quickly is a real bonus.  Another aspect of fulvic acid that piqued my interest was its potential role in detoxification. The humic acid component, in particular, has specific detoxifying properties which assists the body in eliminating toxins and heavy metals. Again, many of us struggle with these nasties and need help in detoxification. Fulvic and humic acid offer a gentle but effective way of binding heavy metals and clearing them from our system.

Fulvic and humic acid products can be delivered in liquid or capsule forms. When looking for a supplement it is important to ensure that it does not have heavy metal contamination. Good quality fulvic acid products generally have been screened for heavy metals and can be a safer way to get easily absorbed minerals.  After researching different products on the market, many of which have to be obtained from overseas, I have found a locally available source that passes the test for potency and purity and have noticed some real benefits since taking it the last couple of months.  I am now prescribing this to my patients in my clinic, both for its mineral and nutrient content and also for its ability to enhance the absorption of other supplements when taken together. This is particularly beneficial for people with poor gut function who don’t absorb nutrients easily from food or supplements.

So in summary, fulvic acid offers another novel way of capturing quality nutrition for our body via nature’s diverse ecosystems. Rich in health promoting substances, fulvic and humic acid are beneficial natural substances to consider adding to your health routine to boost and optimise your body function. 

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