Healthy Easter Treats

eggIt is that time of the year again when consuming copious amounts of chocolate moves from everyone’s wishlist to their to-do list! Unfortunately (and not surprisingly) eating large amounts of the sugary stuff is not good for either our waistlines or our insides.

While the old saying, “everything in moderation” is a sound one, there are some things we need to be even more careful with. Sugar is one of them! And there is a big difference in types of sugar and types of people, so we need to be aware of individual circumstances and proceed carefully.

Of course, the problem with sugar for most of us, is that we are hard wired to want more of it and it is a very addictive substance. It was a relatively rare thing in the past to have access to lots of sugar and our bodies learnt that it was a super big energy hit, so it was good to consume lots of it when we happened upon some – saving the extra for storage for the lean times that would inevitably come. The common issue these days is that we tend to over consume sugar, it is abundant in so many different forms and rarely have our seasonal lean times and so we never get good break from it. A little bit of sugar can easily turn into a whole lot of sugar.

Choc ChicksI don’t recommend extremes of anything as a general rule, and so a little bit of sugar here and there is not going to cause too much harm for most people.  And the tradition of Easter lends itself to us needing to find a healthy medium for sugar and chocolate intake. Many a recipe is deemed to be healthy if it is branded with the Gluten Free or Dairy Free tagline, but beware. Any sweet treat, despite its relative benign and healthy appearance, should only be consumed in moderation.

These recipes below offer a way of having some sweet treats at Easter time and can be made with the kids and while not super good for you, they are certainly much healthier than the standard alternatives! Some of these recipes call for protein powder, so please check out my other blog post for more info about the best protein powder for you. It can be fun to make these bliss balls into egg shapes or little chicks to fit with the season.

Remember to find other ways to celebrate Easter that doesn’t just involved eating chocolate! Dying boiled eggs and doing other easter crafts can be a nice activity and try getting outside for a walk in nature to ponder the changing seasons and the spiritual significance of easter.

So please enjoy these recipes and then remember to give your body its sugar break again after easter!

Fruit & Nut Bliss Balls

Chocolate Coconut Easter Chicks

Protein Fudge Balls

Chocolate Strawberry Bounty Balls