You Are What You Eat : and so is your baby!

What you eat when you are pregnant is so very important.  Growing from just 2 little cells, the embryo unfolds and grows into a foetus.  Every moment of cell growth and division is nutrient dependent. Without adequate nutrients ready to go at each stage of development, the baby cannot develop optimally.  Obvious deficiencies of key nutrients like folate have been strongly linked to birth defects, anomalies and miscarriage.  But even trace deficiencies of some nutrients can lead to all sorts of mild problems that may not even be detected until a child reaches school age and their learning is examined.  So it makes sense that we must get the nutrition right from day one.  Well in fact, it needs to be right for a good few months before conception!

As a naturopath, nutritionist and medical herbalist specialising in women and children’s health, I am particularly passionate about this topic.  When pregnant women are well nourished they are providing a wonderful gift for their unborn child.  It is from this passion that I conceived an e-book on pregnancy nutrition. It has been gestating for the past few months…and now it is finally born! Packed full with useful information on all things to do with nutrition and pregnancy, this little gem of a book should answer all your questions.  It covers all the basics about food groups and whole food nutrition principles and then walks you step by step through each trimester – looking at key nutrients and common problems. It even looks at lifestyle issues, the impact on caffeine and alcohol and nutrition for birth and breastfeeding.  I hope you will check it out and give yourself and your baby the ultimate in nourishment – which is equal to an excellent diet and loads of love!

Take a look here for more information about how to download this book.