Heart Resonance for Health

So many people talk about the importance of the heart these days. It is certainly one of my favourite places in the body to hang out in!  I thought I would take a look at the many roles and functions of the heart – both in physical sense and also in an energetic sense.

From a purely physiological perspective, we know that without a beating heart, we soon die. If we suffer from stress and anxiety our heart is the first organ to respond with increased heart rate and blood pressure.  When we feel calm and relaxed our heart responds by slowing down and becoming more regular and synchronous.

Did you know that the circulation in the body actually starts before the heart starts beating? In a tiny embryo, the heart doesn’t start to beat until around 6 weeks gestation – yet there is already blood flowing through the tiny little vessels forming in the baby. So it kind of discounts the idea that the heart is merely a pump and is solely responsible for our circulation – which is what the mainstream medical folk would have us believe.

From an emotional viewpoint, we often feel into our heart and may experience an ache or blocked feeling when we are sad or upset. From a spiritual perspective, there is also a sense of the heart having a special role. Some say it houses the soul. The heart chakra is also much favoured by many folk – with it forming a central point between the upper and lower chakras.

One of my favourite quotes is the old Indian yogic saying:

“The longest journey a man must take is the eighteen inches from his head to his heart”

The Heartmath Institute in America is a wonderful organisation dedicated to the study of the heart. The term neurocardiology describes the intricate connections between our brain and our heart. Contrary to long held beliefs, the researchers have found that the heart actually responds to events before the brain.  The heart functions as a kind of perceptive organ and has a capacity to ‘read’ the environment with an electromagnetic field that projects out from the body. Our hearts also generate the largest electromagnetic field of any organ – about 60 times greater than the output of the brain!

I think this explains the way we can sense what is going on in our environment or with friends before any words have been spoken.  Babies and children in particular have immature heart functions and are more sensitive to the heart rhythms of their parents and caregivers.  I see this in my practice regularly with kids struggling because of stuff going on in the home or their school environment.   I love to help mothers and fathers understand this, and give their kids the gift of a stable and loving heart rhythm – which lowers stress and helps them to thrive!

So it makes sense that we are tuning and being aware of what we are both projecting out into the world and what we are picking up – from our powerful heart space.  So until next time, I will leave you with the following quote to ponder……