I am very pleased to have my wonderful friend and colleague, Andrea Lopez, do a guest blog post for me this month.

Andrea has been a body worker for more than 15 years and specialises in the Arvigo technique that originates from the ancient Maya Culture of Central America. Both women and men can benefit from this fantastic therapy that realigns the abdomen and reproductive organs.



The Arvigo Techniques Of Maya Abdominal Therapy

by Andrea Lopez

How many of us women are celebrated when we first menstruate? Instead, for most of us, that first flow of blood is accompanied by feelings of fear and shame which can last a lifetime. The result is a disconnection from our feminine flow that can have a disastrous consequence for our overall health and wellbeing.  It is little wonder that female reproductive issues, such as painful periods and difficulties conceiving, are so common.

Sadly, most women regard menstruation as an inconvenience, and dread ‘that time of the month’. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The problems we have with our reproductive organs are our body’s way of telling us that we need to give more attention to this area. When we begin to regard our uterus as a sacred organ, the centre of our great female creative force, we can look forward to that time of the month when it sheds and then renews itself. When we are in harmony with the rhythms of our menstrual cycles, we are in harmony with Mother Earth.

A technique that originates from the Maya Culture of Central America is changing women’s lives in ways they never believed possible. The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy are gaining great interest across the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Medical practitioners and IVF clinics are also taking notice. These techniques were founded by Dr Rosita Arvigo who was an apprentice to one of the last living Maya Shamans in Central America. “If a woman’s uterus is out of balance, so is she,” said the Shaman Don Elijio Panti. He believed that the uterus of a woman is her centre, and so when there were problems with the uterus a woman could not enjoy good health and wellbeing. Midwives and healers of Central America agree that most female troubles are caused by what they call ‘the wandering womb’.

Working with Don Elijio, Dr Arvigo realised that there was an alternative to surgery for problems of the reproductive and digestive systems. It seemed to her that many symptoms were due to a displaced uterus. This is a simple and often ignored concept. Dr Arvigo believes that 70% of women will have a displaced uterus at some point in their lives.

A displaced uterus is often the cause of many female complaints, including problems most of us have come to consider as ‘just one of those things’. Everything from PMS, painful periods and vaginal infections to endometriosis, infertility and menopausal issues can result from a displaced uterus. A uterus that is out of its correct position can also impinge on organs such as the colon, bladder and ovaries. It can also affect the nerves and blood vessels that supply these organs, causing discomfort in the area around the lower spine and lead to symptoms such as lower back pain, constipation, bladder infections and varicose veins. When the uterus is shifted back into its correct position, the pelvic area and the organs surrounding it fall naturally into balance. Toxins that have accumulated are released, and hormones function in a healthy way. Not only are the reproductive organs now in good health, but so is the rest of the body. All this is achieved through the Maya Abdominal Massage, known simply as ‘la sobada’. The massage, which is simple and non-invasive, also has a self care practice addressing the position and health of the pelvic and abdominal organs.

I studied with Dr Arvigo in Belize and have been a practitioner and teacher of the technique in Australia for the past six years. Dr Arvigo developed an easy version of the massage that people could learn to use on themselves, known as Self Care Massage. By learning this technique one can continue their own healing treatments at home. I find that performing the Self Care Massage regularly can help bring the uterus into alignment. It also allows the flow of healthy blood, lymph, nerves and chi (life energy) into the abdomen, so that the body then has a base from which to heal itself.

Although the Self Care treatment attracts many women it is not only for them. Men can also learn the massage to both treat and prevent a congested or swollen prostate and maintain proper blood supply and fluid drainage, preventing swelling and inflammation.

The next Self Care Course in Maya Abdominal Therapy will be run on the Sunshine Coast in late September.  Please click here to download a flyer for the course

Or visit Andrea’s website for more info www.mayanhealing.com.au