Mind Over Matter

Exploring the Meaning of Illness and Mind-Body Medicine

Exploring the meaning of an illness and understanding each individual’s unique health journey is something that has always motivated me in my work.  I am always seeking to find the underlying or root cause of disease and dysfunction and treat the patient at that level to enable true healing and not just offer a band aid approach or symptom suppression. Understanding the inherent power of mind over matter should be an important aspect of any model of medicine!

When we engage with a paradigm of inquiry that seeks to uncover deeper issues that are influencing both physical and mental health, we can find answers in many different facets of life.  Quite often the causal agent seems to be very far removed from the physical issue.  I regularly have patients who open up my eyes to the profound impact that subtle or emotional causes have on the development of both chronic illness and acute conditions. Approaching health and disease through a truly holistic lens, means we often end up in the region of the nervous system, stress and emotions. Having trained in different mind-body medicine approaches and practiced this science and art for more than two decades, I have found healing to be swift and more complete when the underlying energetic or emotional causes are dealt with.

A friend recently shared with me a documentary that was looking at the impact of the placebo effect and mind over matter in the treatment of back pain. I have always given the placebo and nocebo effect its due merit, as our powerful mind is capable of changing our body in both wanted and unwanted ways. Watching the individuals who participated in the research briefly share the impact of their back pain on their quality of life was interesting. I was fascinated by each unique individual and wanted to learn more about their life story and personality, but unfortunately this was not really uncovered in any detail. It would have been a very interesting research question to also look at whether there were common features or causes of the back pain. In particular to find out more about the emotional state of each participant. What were the life situations or issues that preceded the development of their back pain? In my experience, lower back pain is often a pattern of not feeling supported and feeling like you have to go it alone in life.

There are always unique situations to each person’s story, but many illnesses share a similar gesture and emotional pattern. Once this pattern is identified and space is provided to work through underlying emotional and energetic blocks, the body heals. The best thing about the body is the fact that, above all else, it wants to heal! The universal and innate intelligence of the body, like most things in nature, is that it continually seeks homoeostasis, health and balance.  It knows how to heal, we just have to identify and remove the impediments that are in the way. Impediments may be physical – like poor diet, smoking or alcohol; or they might be more energetic or emotional – such as unhealthy relationships, work dissatisfaction or unresolved grief. Once these impediments are dealt with, then almost like magic, healing happens and health is restored.

If you would like to explore some of the deeper aspects that might be causing or negatively impacting on your health condition, then please book a session.  I would love to help uncover any hidden blocks and impediments and set you back on a path of health and wellness again. A range of different modalities, such as kinesiology, holistic counselling, biography work, somatic release or biofield tuning can be utilised in this fascinating area of mind-body healing.

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