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Cleansing & Detox Program

Just like the need to throw open the windows and let some fresh air and sunshine in the house from time to time, our body also needs a regular boost and a fresh start with super healthy foods and the added benefits of a gentle cleanse and detox.

  • Are you feeling heavy and sluggish ?
  • Are you looking to improve your health and energy?
  • Do you want to break your sugar, alcohol or caffeine habit or make some positive changes in your diet?
  • Do you want to lose weight but are struggling to get started?
  • Do you want to look and feel younger?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this program is the perfect solution. My cleansing and detox program is designed to support you in making healthy changes and to help clear out congestion and toxins in the body. Doing a cleanse is a great way to improve your digestion, increase your energy, boost your immunity, lose some weight and quit your bad habits! And guess what?  This is the very program that I like to do once or twice a year – normally during the spring or autumn months to keep me healthy.

  • This versatile program is offered in a digital download format and has a variety of options depending on your background level of health and aims.
  • It allows you the flexibility to participate from anywhere and can be timed to suit your schedule.
  • This program also gives you confidence that you are following safe and effective expert advice of an experienced health professional.
  • As part of the program you also get access to effective herbal and nutritional supplements to support your body at all times.

Detailed materials will take you step by step through the program:

  • Program details and overview – exactly what to do and how to do it!
  • Cleansing Diet Guide
  • Detox Module
  • Recipe Guide

If you are ready to make a difference to your health, then grab this programme today!

(includes cleansing tea and herbal liver tonic)

Detox Program

Two Options are available:

  • Basic Program – program materials and detox pack (herbal cleansing tea & liver detox tonic) $55
  • Deluxe Program –  program materials, herbal cleansing tea, liver detox tonic and also includes a consultation (in person or via skype) with Karen. $125

  • NB: Please also select Postage option if not collecting detox pack of medicines from clinic.
Program Choice
Postage if not collecting items from clinic

Herbal Teas – Wildwood Botanicals

Organic medicinal teas available for a range of common complaints or just as a delicious and healthy beverage.

  • The Wildwood Botanicals tea and tonic blends are formulated by Karen McElroy to support good health and include digestive blends, lactation tea, lung & cough, cleansing and detox, immune boosting broth blend, respiratory and relaxing calming blend.
  • Single herb teas are also available – including peppermint, dandelion leaf, chamomile, nettle, licorice, raspberry and roasted dandelion.

Experience the difference that loose leaf, organic herbal teas offer!

Visit Wildwood Botanicals page

Herbal Teas

Homoeopathic First Aid Kits 

These popular home first aid kits contain 12 homoeopathic remedies for common ailments.
Remedies for bruising, children’s teething, colds & coughs, fever,  pain, emotional upsets/stress, rashes, bites & stings, digestive complaints and much more.  
Full instructions and indications for the different remedies are included.
The remedies are in the form of small easy to administer pills and come in a small box for storage.

Cost $97.50  (including postage anywhere in Australia.)

First Aid Kit

Healing Basket for Children

This wonderful basket contains everything you need for managing most children’s health issues at home. 
Contains:  arnica ointment,  calendula antiseptic herbal tincture,  a full homoeopathic kit – including remedies for teething, coughs, colds, fever, emotional health and first aid remedies; and Australian Bush Flower emergency essence. It also includes a ‘magic’ healing pocket doll and a crystal healing stone – that delight small and big children alike and can help with emotional balancing while sick.  Remedies are displayed and come in a natural cane basket for easy access.
  • Full instructions for all remedies are included.
  • Doll is handmade with natural wool felt and comes in a choice of boy/girl/unisex doll
  • Healing stone is either amethyst or rose quartz crystal
This healing basket provides effective, safe and natural treatment of most children’s health complaints.
  • Price $155.00  (including postage anywhere in Australia)
First Aid Kit
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