Real Versus Processed Foods

Ok, so if we are going to debate what is best, real versus processed foods, I don’t imagine it would be hard to pick the winner!

Real food is essentially food that comes from a natural source and is as close to its original state. I like to say it is food that our great grandparents would recognise as food. Some of the modern foods available do not resemble anything of their original ingredients. For example, boxed breakfast cereals such as fruit loops, have no resemblance to the wheat grain that they are derived from and are full of artificial fruit flavours rather than real fruit. In many cases, when we process food we lose nutrients and often gain unwanted additives that are not good for our health.

Below are my top 5 reasons to include real food and avoid processed food.

realfoodReal Food

  1. Tastes better – real food comes straight from nature and doesn’t need to be flavour enhanced to taste good.
  2. Avoids chemical additives – whether it be organic produce or natural, untampered food, real food doesn’t have hidden chemicals from any part of the production process.
  3. Real food has loads of nutrition and vitamins come in a form that the body can readily use. Vitamins don’t need to be added back in, like in processed foods, because they were never taken out in the first place by processing.
  4. Real food is what our bodies have evolved with, living close to nature over thousands of years, we have adapted to the foods available. Modern processed foods are so far removed from their natural origin, that our bodies may struggle to adapt.
  5. Real food promotes health, while processed foods destroy health. So many chemicals added as artificial sweeteners, flavours and preservatives have been shown to create dysfunction and disease.

Wonder what a beaver has to do with strawberry flavouring?  Or maybe how you can get natural chicken flavour that doesn’t contain chicken for vegan foods? I go into much more detailed information about the problems with natural flavours and other additives in my webinar video included in the Healthy Lunchbox package.

Here is a great and very funny video to watch that reveals the awful truth about the advertising of natural food products to unassuming consumers…