In this guest post by Chiropractor, Dr Malcolm Atkins, we explore all the ways you can maintain good back health and an energetic body through a focus on nervous system function and by supporting structural and energetic alignment.



Secrets to Back Health

By Dr Malcolm Atkins (Chiropractor)


Having a healthy and energetic body is an aim that everyone shares in common. As a foundation, a healthy body relies on optimal nervous system function and energy flow throughout the body. 

The nervous system is the chief governing agent of the human body, responsible for facilitating and regulating many diverse functions. The aim of chiropractic therapy is to identify and treat areas of blockage or reduced nervous flow that can create symptoms and dysfunction further afield. By removing the interference and blockages impeding the nervous system allows the body to better coordinate its functioning and begin to restore balance and heal itself.

One of the most common reasons that people seek help from musculoskeletal experts is for pain and reduced mobility. We are very reliant on our body to take us from A to B and back again and most of us take our bodies for granted. It is often only when we get symptoms of pain or are unable to move with ease and comfort that we notice our body and start to give it the attention that it deserves.

It is far better, of course, to support and maintain your health through a preventative approach that looks at taking care of all aspects including physical fitness such as exercise, strengthening and stretching as well as diet, lifestyle, stress and emotional health.

Aside from addressing misalignments in the joints and vertebrae which is the classic work of chiropractic manipulation, there are many other tools and techniques that can be used to improve the body’s function and mobility as well as decrease pain. Applied kinesiology is a great tool that can help streamline diagnosis and treatments by working with and testing the muscles of the body. The muscles provide an accurate feedback mechanism and can be used to establish a communication pathway with the higher intelligence of the body, bypassing the normal conscious awareness of the client.

I often use Applied Kinesiology to pinpoint the exact area that is out of alignment, which makes treatment more accurate and successful. I also use it to identify the best therapy for each client whether it be acupuncture, manipulation, energetic and emotional work or supplements.

There are also some great proven techniques for working with pain which can in many cases bring rapid relief.  The ENAR (Electro Neuro Adaptive Regulator) and the SCENAR (Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation) both utilise similar energy based technology. The SCENAR hails from Russia and was first designed for the Russian Space agency to assist with the physical problems inherent with astronauts and space travel.

In recent years these devices have become popular with elite athletes and research has shown much faster healing and recovery times when these devices are used alongside standard therapies.  They are non-invasive and non-toxic and work by primarily using an electro stimulus to the body to promote normal nerve response and tissue function to speed healing and repair. I use these devices alone or with acupuncture and find they can really enhance healing outcomes.

When we understand that tension, misalignments or altered function of your spine can interfere with nerve flow and energy and thus function of the entire body it makes sense to get assessed by a trained professional. By removing the interference to our nervous system we can dramatically improve the function of our body in many different ways.

To avoid the interference in the first place is the aim, of course, and this can be achieved through following holistic health and wellness strategies. Everything from managing your stress levels and eating good wholesome food to keeping physically fit and generally living a balanced life will ensure you and your body will stay healthy and happy.


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