Self Care At Christmas

selfcarechristmasThis year I want to focus on giving advice not just on staying physically healthy during the festive season, but also how to stay sane, calm and centred. While our physical wellbeing is often under threat at this time of year when we are tempted with less than healthy festive foods and drinks, our emotional health and wellbeing is just as at risk. Self care at Christmas is something we often don’t focus on, but is very important.

It is so easy to get pulled off centre when life gets busy and our schedules get over full. In reality, being off centre can make it harder to stay committed to our health goals. It can be a scenario of the “chicken or the egg”. Making poor choices with diet and lifestyle can make us feel unhealthy and less connected and motivated to our needs and goals. And in turn when we are less connected with our true selves, we can end up making poorer choices. And on it goes, with one aspect causing the other or at least exacerbating the other.

So staying calm, centred and connected is paramount to our health and wellbeing at this time of year. It helps us to cope with the busyness and general frantic energy that can prevail around Christmas and helps us stay in tune with what is best for us – on all levels.

Giving and Receiving

For many of us, gift giving brings great joy and happiness. Receiving, on the other hand, can be much harder. It is easy when we are children to receive, but slowly over the years we can often find it harder to receive from others or give to ourselves. Whether it is givingcompliments or gifts, the scenario can be the same.

In my experience this pattern is especially true for women. We give to everyone and care for everyone first and then put ourselves last, not expecting anything back. But this is a dysfunctional pattern and one that is not sustainable. It can develop into fatigue and burnout or subtle or obvious feelings of resentment and anger. So now is the time to give to yourself! Over the festive season prioritise your time and activities and schedule some time out for you. Practice receiving by giving to yourself, accepting or asking for help from others. Remember to also foster feelings of gratitude and appreciation towards yourself as well as others.

Self Care in Action

Everyone has a range of personal things they can do to best nourish themselves. While it is an individual thing, here are somefootbath suggestions to get you started:

  • Massage
  • Bath – full body or just a foot bath works
  • Listen to music (and dance!)
  • Walk in nature (especially good at sunrise or sunset)
  • Gardening
  • Crafting
  • Reading
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Beach swim and walk
  • Beautician trip
  • Body pampering with scrub and body oils

Choose something from this list and practice it with conscious intention to make it a special soul nurturing activity. Try to get something in every day – even if it is just 5 mins, when it is done with focus and presence it can make all the difference.

Wishing you a special soul-centred Christmas, that is filled with true giving and receiving to both yourself and others, and much health and vitality too!