Karen McElroy is a leading naturopath, holistic counsellor, mind-body coach and energy medicine practitioner specialising in women and children’s health, digestive disorders, chronic health issues, mental health, stress management and mindset issues,

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Karen’s approach

Karen has over 25 years clinical experience in all areas of general practice. She specialises in women’s health with notable experience in infertility & IVF support, preconception care, pregnancy, postnatal care and general hormonal issues – including PCOS, endometriosis and menopausal complaints. She also treats most infant and children’s health disorders – from allergies and digestive issues to learning and behavioural disorders. She is passionate about supporting the interface between the mind and the body and works extensively with stress, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression through utilising various mindset processes, emotional healing and energy medicine tools.

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Other areas of clinical interest that Karen has success in treating include:

  • Digestive disorders
    • inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, SIBO
  • Mental health
    • anxiety & depression
    • cognitive decline
    • behavioural disorders
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Allergies and food intolerance
  • Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia
  • Adrenal health & stress management
  • Cancer management & support
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes and insulin resistance
  • MTHFR and other genetic issues

Karen has a passion for natural medicine and strives to facilitate health, vitality and wellbeing in every individual.

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“I believe that prevention is the best medicine. I am passionate about educating, supporting & inspiring all my patients to fulfill their health goals & potential. I aim to provide the best in holistic healthcare, disease prevention & wellness promotion & to provide primary healthcare for women throughout their life cycle & for their whole family.” – Karen
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More about Karen’s approach

Karen incorporates dietary and lifestyle assessment and counselling along with evidence based herbal medicine, homeopathy,
 nutritional supplements and flower essences to design a treatment plan that is tailored for each individual.

Karen is committed to a high standard of clinical practice and frequently undertakes further study and professional education to extend her knowledge base. She regularly works alongside other healthcare professionals including doctors and medical specialists to ensure optimal health for all her patients.

Karen also offers consultations by Zoom, Skype and phone to support her patients in regional parts of Australia and overseas.

Karen in clinic

Karen can organise both standard blood tests and functional pathology tests to check for dysfunction in the body. Functional pathology tests may involve blood, urine, stool or saliva and they enable a more accurate assessment of how the body is functioning and will often detect problems earlier than regular blood tests. These are particularly useful for liver function, digestive assessments, immune dysfunction, toxins and environmental exposures and hormonal imbalances.

Karen also uses IgG/IgA/IgE antibody tests to check for food intolerance or allergy when standard approaches such as fast and challenge fail to detect the allergen. Hair mineral analysis and urine tests can also be a useful tool to detect heavy metal toxicity as well as determine the status of minerals in the body.

simply, happy clients

Our whole family has been helped by Karen and I find it hard to put into words all the help she has provided us. Her knowledge is phenomenal, as is her ability to piece all the complex bits of the puzzle together.

Brooke Copland, Sydney

Karen helped me turn my health around. I’m now aged 50 & enjoying my best health ever.

Anita Hyslop, Coolum Beach

Having Karen as my Naturopath through my IVF journey has been wonderful. Her knowledge, genuine interest and caring nature have made an otherwise stressful time, less so.

Kate, Noosa Heads

What a relief! Karen was the first person who listened to my whole history. Her knowledge blew me away. She gave me a plan to follow, as well as a herbal tonic. A month later I was feeling on top of the world! My symptoms had gone!

Jo Smith, Longford, Victoria

Karen is a wonderful naturopath – she is caring, empathetic, knowledgeable and thorough. Karen’s approach is holistic – she addresses both emotional and physical issues and how they impact on one another.

Fiona Miles, Richmond, Victoria
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