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Mind-Body Healing

Karen uses a range of mind-body techniques and philosophies to support deep healing – including Psychological Kinesiology (Psych-K), Quantum Emotional Healing, meditations, counselling, body based emotional release work, anthroposophy and life biography work.

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Modern research proves that the quality of our emotions and beliefs has a massive impact on our cells and body function. As much as it is easy to separate our body from our mind and spirit for ease of understanding, in reality we function as one complex and highly coordinated dynamic system. The directives that our cells receive come from our DNA yet we now have epigenetic evidence that DNA is in turn influenced by our beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, feelings and experiences. With this in mind, true holistic health paradigms need to factor in an understanding of each person’s unique inner life, stresses and everyday experiences in order to foster true healing.

In contrast, most modern medical approaches tend to focus on the physical body and ignore the more subtle aspects of the human being – such as emotions, mindset and spirituality. Disease and dysfunction can originate or manifest in any layer of our being – but tends to only come to our awareness when we get physical symptoms. By identifying and working with all aspects of the human being – body, mind and spirit – we can uncover and shift the real blocks to health and create the potential for lasting change and true healing.

Karen has trained in and uses a range of mind-body techniques and philosophies to support deep healing of the body, manage stress and improve our mindset and quality of life.

These include:

Holistic counselling

• Psych-K (Psychological Kinesiology)

• Quantum Emotional Healing

• Guided meditations

• Yoga & chakra work

• Body based emotional release work

• Shamanic healing practices

• Anthroposophy and life biography work

Different techniques are indicated for different conditions and Karen is always sensitive to each person’s cultural background, life history, spiritual beliefs and personal preferences when designing the best mind-body healing approach.

I find our bodies very effectively tell our stories and mirror our beliefs through the symptoms, signs and illnesses we experience. Most of the time we are unaware of this link and so we poke and prod our physical bodies, aiming to reduce or suppress our symptoms as quick as possible through medications. However, when we do this we often shoot the messenger before it has delivered the message! Then next time the message has to be louder and potentially more destructive – to get our attention. By learning to listen to our body, heal our experiences and integrate our emotions on a regular basis, we create the foundations for true health and wellbeing.

Karen McElroy

After studying and exploring many traditions and techniques over the years, and attending trainings with world-leading mind-body experts such as Dr Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and Dr Joe Dispenza, Karen offers an accessible and down-to-earth approach to mind-body medicine, mindfulness and spirituality. Everyone can benefit from exploring this aspect of health and wellness regardless of their prior experience or beliefs.

Individual sessions as well as comprehensive healing and wellness programmes and private retreats are available with Karen to get to the root cause of your illness or issues and facilitate the health, healing and happiness you desire.

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I feel as though the penny finally dropped and have felt so much calmer since working on my old limiting beliefs. I can’t even describe the relief I feel from this internal struggle having woke up today and it being gone. Thanks for being apart of my journey. I am forever grateful.

Samantha A.
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