Naturopathy is a model of health care that is truly patient-centered, emphasizing prevention, patient education and positivity to support and inspire each individual’s quest for health.

Naturopathy promotes good health and vitality through attending to the foundations of human health and wellbeing, such as nutritious food, clean water, fresh air, regular exercise and a relaxed and healthy mindset.

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Naturopaths aim to treat the whole person rather than just the symptoms and in doing so, they seek to uncover and treat the underlying cause of disease and dysfunction.

Each person is unique with their own life journey, medical history, genetics, lifestyle choices and personal preferences. We must factor in all these aspects to develop a unique health plan that will facilitate a return to health that is sustainable and lasting.

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Along with dietary and lifestyle change, coaching and counselling, a range of natural medicines such as herbal medicine, flower essences, homoeopathy & nutritional supplements are also utilized to restore a healthy body, mind & spirit. Everyone is a unique individual and there is no single remedy for every complaint. Karen will select from many different medicines to design the right treatment plan for your health needs.  Individually tailored treatments really give you the best results!

Karen has also created comprehensive Wellness Programs that address all aspects of health – body, mind and spirit! These are personally designed for individuals ready to take their health to the next level. Tailored to suit your exact needs the programs offer a unique blend of expert health assessments, practical advice, mind-body counselling, meditation and mindfulness strategies and general wellness and lifestyle coaching.

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My goal is to help awaken and inspire my clients to their innate potential for living a happier, healthier, more vibrant and meaningful life. When you experience and maintain balance,  health and harmony on all levels – then nothing gets in the way of you fulfilling your life purpose and potential for success.” – Karen
Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine

Plants have traditionally been the world’s major source of medicine and continue to be so in many countries today.  Even many modern pharmaceuticals are derived from plants.  Herbs provide a vast array of healing properties that can be effectively applied in many illnesses and diseases. Using whole plants instead of isolated constituents provides, in many cases, provides protection against unwanted side effects. This is due to the inherent composition of many plants which provide buffering qualities that reduce toxicity.  For example Meadowseet (Filipendula ulmaria) contains tannins & mucilage which offset potential gastric upset from the salicylates that it also contains.

Karen is passionate about herbs and the capacity for them to balance and restore optimal function in all parts of the body.   There are herbs for just about every system of the body and every complaint.  When working from a holistic paradigm, we often incorporate different herbs in our treatment – addressing aspects of the disease process that come from other systems.  For example, when treating the digestive tract, it may be worth addressing the nervous system as well because stress and anxiety are known contributors to digestive complaints such as irritable bowel syndrome.

As a master herbalist, Karen will devise a unique medicinal formula choosing key herbs from the 120+ herbs she stocks in her clinic. This ensures that your herbal treatment will be matched to your individual needs and will provide a safe and effective medicine for your ‘dis-ease’.  Herb can be prescribed in the form of teas, tablets or fluid extracts – and Karen also makes up some wonderful herbal creams and ointments for skin complaints.

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One of the most important contributions you can make to your health is to eat the healthiest foods possible.  The ideal diet is designed to maintain optimum health and encourage vitality and energy. As every individual is different, no one diet is appropriate for everyone. Through careful analysis of each person’s dietary choices & preferences, nutritional strategies can be applied to address health concerns or treat illness.

Foods that are fresh, whole, organic/biodynamic and raw or lightly cooked contain the most energy. Plant foods in particular contain an amazing array of vital nutrients that promote health and healing. Quality animal foods also offer specific and important nutrients for the body.  Supplements are often necessary to correct deficiencies while diets are being improved and also to provide a desired therapeutic outcome.

Nutritional issues for children include fussy eating, poor food choices, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and allergies.  By knowing what foods to include and what to exclude from your child’s diet you can avoid most of these issues.  The early years can influence your child’s relationship to food for many years to come – so it is particularly important to develop healthy attitudes and eating habits during this time.

Flower essences

Flower essences

Flower essences are natural remedies made through infusing flowers in water in sunlight.  They are subtle or vibrational medicines that act more on the emotional body rather than the physical. However, because much of our physical illness starts with imbalances in our emotions and nervous system – these remedies can also allow for physical healing to occur.

Flower essences can be given alone or mixed together to make an individualized formula. These remedies work in subtle or profound ways to bring about changes in our emotional state which can subsequently influence our physical health.

Karen stocks a variety of essences including:

  • Bach Flower Essences discovered by Dr Edward Bach in England during the 1930s.
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences a modern kit developed by Australian naturopath, Ian White.
  • Essence of Angels remedies are a range vibrational essences created by Noosa local Simone Matthews.


Homoeopathy which originated 200 years ago is a therapy which is based on the principle of ‘like-cures-like’. This is best explained through example – the bee sting which causes swelling, redness, heat and pain can be cured through the remedy Apis (made from highly diluted bee venom).

Homoeopathy is very safe and particularly suited to infants and children due to the lack of physical substances in the remedies. It has a vibrational or energetic quality imprinted in the remedy which also suits the inherent vital force of children. Homoeopathic medicines can be applied in acute cases of ill health and also in chronic conditions and they can affect change on a physical, emotional and mental level.

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A few happy stories

WHAT MY clients SAY

After having our first baby at 40 years of age I we were keen to have a second baby quickly. After two miscarriages which happened early in both pregnancies a friend from my local play group suggested that I see Karen. After a few months of treatment we tried again and two cycles later I was pregnant again. I continued to see Karen and enjoyed a healthy pregnancy and straight forward delivery. We now have a daughter and son. Our daughter has also visited Karen for help with her asthma.

Tracey Henderson, Thornbury, Victoria

Karen taught me about natural fertility and how to know when I am at my most fertile, so it only took 4 menstrual cycles to get pregnant and I actually knew the exact day that I fell pregnant!

Suzanne Vermes, Melbourne, Victoria

I was referred to Karen around 8 years ago, not understanding how a naturopath could help me after years of physical and mental exhaustion from a highly stressful work and personal environment.  Meeting Karen has definitely changed my life and improved my lifestyle considerably.  She spent the first few sessions asking me a lot of questions about my lifestyle, diet and understanding the pressures I was putting my body through working a demanding corporate life.  Karen has prescribed me vitamins, supplements and herbal tonics to help me return to good health and also maintain this over the years.  The game changer with seeing Karen, in addition to her naturopathy advice, is the mind-body tools she has given me to have a better balance in my life and techniques to help reduce stress and better understand myself.  I could not recommend Karen highly enough, she continually listens to what I have going on in my life and adjusts my treatment accordingly.  Karen is a fabulous naturopath, lifestyle coach and counsellor.

Sarah Adam, Brisbane, Qld

Being a nurse I have a medical background, and was always skeptical of any alternative therapy that didn’t involve a GP and a script pad. However after many months of vague symptoms including nausea, bloating and fatigue, I found myself doing the rounds of GPs trying to find one that would listen to me for longer than 15 minutes. I found myself taking pill after pill with no relief from my symptoms.

My girlfriend had suggested for some time that I see her naturopath, who she swore would listen to me! So finally feeling desperate I made an appointment with Karen, with very little faith that she would be able to help me – no one else had been able to!

 Sitting in Karen’s room at the clinic I recited my long and convoluted history. What a relief! She was the first person who listened to my whole history (the GPs could only focus on one system at a time). Her knowledge blew me away. As I am a nurse I could see that Karen knew her anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. She explained everything to me including her reasonings. She gave me a plan to follow, as well as a herbal tonic. A month later I was feeling on top of the world! My symptoms had gone! 

I found Karen extremely approachable and I always felt that I was her number one concern. I am forever grateful.

Jo Smith, Longford, Victoria

I have always been a fit and healthy person but after the traumatic birth of my first child and constant feelings of tiredness, recurring chest infections and pleurisy I decided enough was enough! I had been to a couple of GP’s, none of which seemed to listen or wanted to help. I had tried different antibiotics amongst other things but was feeling worse, not better. This wasn’t how life was supposed to be. I needed answers and started asking around about alternative therapies. My friend suggested I see a naturopath and Karen’s name came up and was highly recommended.

Karen’s holistic approach to life was just what I had been waiting for. On my very first visit to the practice she made me feel at ease, listened to what I had to say and immediately put a plan into action. For the first time in years I felt confident I was going to get my health and my life back. Over the past few years with a combination of herb tonics, vitamins and her invaluable support and advice, Karen has given me the tools I need to tackle my physical and emotional issues.

Gone are the chest infections, pleurisy and the tired old me. I am in better shape now than I have ever been. I have recently given birth to my second beautiful daughter with a carefree pregnancy and a wonderful, easy labour. Karen has had such a positive influence on me since I began seeing her, I feel truly blessed to have her in my life.

Alicia Smith, Noosa

My health had been suffering for a years before I saw Karen. I had been in and out of hospital, seen countless doctors all over the world each checking in their specific area that they specialize in. After checking those specific organs, they send me on my way with my bill of good health, yet still I could not seem to get through the day without dizziness, exhaustion, nausea, or pain.

After finding Karen, for the first time in what seemed like forever, I felt like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She waded through copious amounts of information and scenarios and managed to start me on a path to wellness. Countless people have suggested I try meditation, but that was where the advice ended and I just could not bring myself to do it. Karen not only put me in touch with great information, her words are still what get me through my meditation today. Through this and Karen’s recommended supplements, I feel like I am getting my life back. Thank you so much Karen!

Leigh Ann Sample, Kenilworth

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