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A passionate and engaging speaker, Karen brings expert and up-to-date knowledge on health and wellness to inspire and motivate change.

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Corporate Health and Wellness Programs by Karen McElroy offer unique presentations and workshops on a range of popular health and wellbeing topics. Designed to educate, inspire and motivate participants in making healthy lifestyle changes, our programs are tailor-made to benefit your organisation.

Leading edge companies, organisations and government departments now recognise the important bottom line benefits of offering employee health and wellness programs.

Corporate Workshops - Karen McElroy

Popular topics include:

  • Stress Management & Work-Life Balance
  • Women’s Health
  • Optimal Nutrition
  • Children’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing

By providing a natural health and wellness program in your workplace you can support your staff, increase their loyalty & commitment and in the process position yourself ahead of other companies in your field.

Corporate Workshops - Karen McElroy

By giving your staff simple and effective skills to manage their work-life balance and stress levels you will prevent burn out, inefficiency and chronic health issues. By initiating training which leads to healthy habits you can expect higher staff motivation and efficiency which in turn leads to higher productivity and profits for your business.

For more information or to book a presentation or workshop for your next event or workplace activity, contact Karen today:

I had the pleasure of attending Karen’s ‘Pregnancy and Herbs’ half day workshop. It was a very informative talk and just at the right level for us to understand without being Naturopaths ourselves, and enough to make it a really valuable resource. We had time to discuss issues and ask lots of questions, which made the talk engaging and interesting. I can only highly recommend any future talks and workshops with Karen.

Pernille Powell, birthconnection.com.au
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