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A passionate and engaging speaker, Karen brings expert and up-to-date knowledge on health and wellness to inspire and motivate change.

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Karen offers a variety of unique presentations and workshops on a range of popular health and wellbeing topics for the public as well as being a guest speaker for professional audiences through webinars, podcasts, corporate events and conferences.

Corporate Workshops - Karen McElroy

After many years successfully working with individuals to facilitate lifestyle and mindset change, Karen understands what people need to meet their goals. With this valuable knowledge she has created a range of group programmes to educate, inspire and motivate participants to make healthy changes for themselves or their families.

Corporate workshops and programmes can also be tailor-made to benefit small businesses as well as large organisations. Leading edge companies, organisations and government departments increasingly recognise the importance of offering employee health and wellness programmes.  Natural health and wellness programmes in the workplace can support staff, increase their loyalty and commitment and position companies ahead of others in their field.

Popular topics include:

  • Stress Management & Work-Life Balance
  • Women’s Health
  • Optimal Nutrition
  • Children’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Mental Health, Mindset & Wellbeing

Giving staff simple and effective skills to manage their work-life balance and stress levels can help prevent burn out, inefficiency and chronic health issues in the workplace. By initiating training which leads to healthy habits a company can expect higher staff motivation, better interpersonal work relationships and satisfaction, which in turn leads to higher productivity, efficiency and success for your business.

Karen is a regular guest on radio interviews, podcasts and online summits

Corporate Workshops - Karen McElroy

Karen and colleagues at the ICNM, International Congress of Naturopathic Medicine, in London 2019

For more information or to book Karen for an interview,  presentation or workshop at your next event, please contact Karen today:

Workshop participants share

The venue for the course was beautiful and in such a lovely setting and the food and presentation were great and offered something for everyone. Karen’s knowledge and experience was very easy to understand and absorb and she gave us all lots of good and practical advice. For me it was good to refresher on the meditation techniques and to realise the benefits I have gained from it.

The workbook was very comprehensive and gave a varied participation in the event and a good tool to go back over afterwards. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone needing to better manage their stress but it would also be a good refresher for those who already have had previous learnings.

P. Roberstson, Noosa

Karen presented a Stress Management workshop for our real estate company and it was very well received. She provided lots of great information about the impact of stress on the body as well as practical strategies for us to take on board. In our profession, we work long hours and tend to suffer from stress and burn out and poor lifestyle choices, so it was a particularly important workshop for us to realise what is at stake by ignoring things like our diet or sleep. Many of the staff were impressed with the depth of information, but they also commented how Karen made the more scientific aspects accessible for us.  She was really easy to listen to, and had a relaxed style that made everyone feel included, despite the range of age groups there. I highly recommend these workshops for any corporate environment or workplace, to support your team in reaching their goals.

Robert Elsom, Hocking Stuart, Melbourne

I had the pleasure of attending Karen’s ‘Pregnancy and Herbs’ half day workshop. It was a very informative talk and just at the right level for us to understand without being Naturopaths ourselves, and enough to make it a really valuable resource. We had time to discuss issues and ask lots of questions, which made the talk engaging and interesting. I can only highly recommend any future talks and workshops with Karen.

Pernille Powell, birthconnection.com.au

The venue was absolutely perfect – Karen’s hinterland studio is the most perfect setting for her workshops and the food was excellent. Karen is an amazing facilitator and teacher and just listening to her voice relaxes and empowers me. The workshop covered everything in the right amount of depth between theory and practical techniques and there were even a few aha/reminder moments for me. The workbook is great and will be something to refer back to as a reminder of what we covered. Thank you so much Karen, for running such an informative enjoyable workshop, I will definitely recommend this to friends and colleagues!

J. Anderson, Noosa Heads

I attended one of Karen’s “Natural Health for Babies and Children” workshops and was impressed with her easy-going and informative style and her wealth of knowledge. Karen’s insights into natural medicine from both a preventative approach as well as professional treatment perspectives instilled me with confidence that should my baby need any assistance, I will know where to turn. Thanks again Karen!

Zoe Dodds, Black Mountain
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